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Peter Salwen

Peter Salwen Fine Art

New York, NY


Peter Salwen's light-filled urban landscapes are in collections across the U.S., Europe and South America.

Salwen's paintings, he says "try to express the deep pleasure to be found in something as simple as sunlight on a wall or the ordinary traffic of people and machinery at city street corner. At heart they are simply thank-you notes to Nature for providing such an endless array of visual joys, most especially in New York City, which is of course Nature's noblest creation.

"The city streets offer up an ever-shifting kaleidoscope of shapes, colors and impressions to the interested eye. Most of my paintings are an attempt to capture the sensations of one particular moment and somehow wrestle them onto the canvas where, with luck, others may choose to share and enjoy them."


Morning Shadows on Amsterdam Avenue by Peter Salwen


Crosstown on West 58th by Peter Salwen


Hybrid Lamppost on Canal Street by Peter Salwen


Schober's Barn at Sunset by Peter Salwen


Book Browsing on Broadway by Peter Salwen


Wildflowers in Central Park by Peter Salwen


August in Stuyvesant Square by Peter Salwen


Calle Defensa by Peter Salwen


Belleclaire Hotel by Peter Salwen


Housewarming by Peter Salwen


Sunset on West 86th Street by Peter Salwen


Red Tenement by Peter Salwen


Spring Morning on Amsterdam Avenue by Peter Salwen


West Side Nocturne no. 1 by Peter Salwen


East River Power Plant by Peter Salwen


P and G Cafe by Peter Salwen


Adham's Shoes by Peter Salwen